Blue Sky MasterLink Pro is a proprietary Blue Sky
Surveillance and Registration System that provides IAs, RRs and
Portfolio Managers access to non-covered securities with otherwise
complex regulatory and registration requirements.

MasterLink Pro has now linked our rules-based engine with our
real time transaction portal TransActNow, which allows you
to have access to same day filing executions reducing cost
and time to market.

Blue Sky MasterLink Pro is the only system that will
provide you with the highest coverage possible in all
50 states and US territories.

This patent pending system not available anywhere else
in the industry and it captures and monitors all
reportable and non-reportable sales data per state

Start with Blue Sky MLS today

The system’s innovative solution enables clients to
identify exemptions and any registration and maintenance
requirements on non-covered securities, including major
foreign securities trading in state accepted foreign
exchanges. The MasterLink Pro System is advanced enough
to be interactive with compliance and customizable for
ease of use.

Same day sales detail paired with a one of a kind exemption filter

Monthly status chart- manages actual sales vs. expected sales

Serviced by experienced industry professionals who
are former examiners, compliance officers, attorneys
and Blue Sky experts

Access to MasterLink Pro’s real time transaction
portal allows for *same day turnaround of Mutual Fund filings